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The Funeral is For Those Left Behind

A funeral is a time of great pain for the family and friends of someone who has died. Yet at the same time, planning a funeral can be an opportunity for a family to come together in love for each other — even joy.

If you are right now coping with the death of someone you care about ... or perhaps preparing in advance of a coming death ... my heart goes out to you.

The service is a ceremony that carries great significance ... your burdens are not just emotional, but social and financial as well. And often we feel pressured, and at the mercy of the funeral industry.

FuneralsWithLove.com is meant to be a down-to-earth guide for survivors, in need of quick answers.


Sheila Martin

Write a eulogy you'll be proud of . . . in 5 simple steps

If you need more help than you can find on this site, we also publish two downloadable books ... A Eulogy to Remember and Saying Goodbye with Love ... which may be what you're looking for.

A Eulogy to Remember includes easy guidelines to help you write a eulogy you'll be proud of, and deliver it with confidence.

You'll learn a simple "building block" method of gathering the facts and stories that will become the heart of your eulogy.

As well, there are seven sample eulogies for you to model.

"I never could have written this without your help.... The book was great. It really helped me to organize my thoughts at a difficult time. I came up with a great theme. Many people at the funeral told me it was the best eulogy they had ever heard."

— Joy Durham, architect

Click here to learn more about this downloadable Eulogy book

Here's how to plan the funeral

Saying Goodbye with Love comes recommended by Dr. Bernie Siegel, and includes 14 essential fill-in-the-blanks forms and checklists to make the organization of this major life event so much simpler.

This downloadable book includes helpful advice on:

• what to when death occurs

• how to take care of the body

• how your friends and family can help you

• how to plan the service

• how to plan the burial or cremation

• how to arrange a visitation or viewing

• how to keep the costs down

• how to write the obituary

• how to make it through the service

• and much information to get you through the practical, legal and financial matters after the funeral

“My husband and I are tremendously impressed with what you have done. Your wonderful book will relieve the sleepless nights of so many facing the death of a loved one, and the terrible anxiety of what to do when it happens. I particularly like the worksheets, which can be photocopied and ready for instant access.” 

— Jane Bailey, homemaker 

Click here to learn more about this downloadable book

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The dead sing of nothing but love.

Patrick Friesen